Walk InSide My Business | Using our Imagery with Facebook
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Using our Imagery with Facebook


Now there’s a great new way to attract customer attention on social media. Facebook has introduced interactive 360° images to their timeline. All 360° photos in Facebook are marked with a compass icon. You can view the 360-degree photo by either dragging your finger across the photo or moving your phone to see the full 360-degree view. To view the 360 photo in full screen, simply tap the photo. You can view 360 photos on the web with Chrome, Safari or Firefox. On Android devices from 2013 or newer, running OS v4.4 or newer. As well as on iOS devices, using an iPhone 5s or newer, running iOS 8.0 or newer. Make sure you have the latest Facebook app for iOS or Android installed on your device. It’s always been possible to embed our virtual tours in Facebook using these Instructions but now you can get even more value from the images we provide by publishing them to your timeline just like a standard image. If you want to give it a try just let us know and we’ll send you an image to try or take a look at our face book page.

Step 1

Add the WooBox application. Simply log into the Facebook account of where you have administrator rights to the page you wish to add the virtual tour tab to. Use the search bar to search for “WooBox”, you’ll be prompted with the following screen, install the application by pressing the green button.

Step 2

Use either Search or Maps to open your Google Street View virtual tour and navigate to the viewpoint in which you’d like visitors to land on. At the top left of the screen clikc the 3 dots next to your business details and select ‘share or embed image’. On the following screen click ’embed image’ and select the supplied code.

Step 3

Paste your Google Street View iFrame code into the HTML box on the WooBox settings page. To make the virtual tour fill the page you can alter the values of the width and height to the following: width – 800, height – 600. It’s my personal preference to also change the alignment from left to center (using US spelling). Change the tab image and message to something descriptive like “view virtual tour”

Step 4

Go back to your page you’ll now see the new tab added, you can arrange the order of these to your own liking.

Step 5

Click on to your new tab and you’ll now be able to walk around the premises via your very own Google Street View virtual tour embedded within your Facebook page. If you’re struggling with the above steps we also have this demonstration available as a video.